Twist Mattress Kit – Template and Instructions

The template and instructions for the Twist DIY  Mattress are now available in a digital PDF for $39.99

Just think about how many mattresses you can make with this one purchase!  Available here  (pull down the size menu and choose pdf template option)


10 thoughts on “Twist Mattress Kit – Template and Instructions

  1. Can you tell me more about the PDF instructions? Is it a pattern, or verbal instructions? How much sewing is involved, and what skill level? I can sew in an almost straight line, but that’s about as good as it gets. How much yardage will I need to source for a king size (or two twins, as you suggest)?

    How complicated is this project?

    I believe in what you’re doing. The mattress industry in this country is appalling and I’m so glad that you are taking the time and using your resources to make safe bedding available to others. Someday I will make the jump and purchase a template or kit- its just not time yet.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you for your question and our support! The kit is super easy for a novice sewer to make but does require a commitment of time. I can sew a pod chain in 10 minutes and each Twin is made from 18 chains. The template is a shape you print on a standard printer, cut and trace. The instructions are in the form of an E-book I send to you via email. The DIY Info tab at gives you all the information you need to calculate your yardage. I use 72 inch wide, 7 ounce canvas. Each pod chain takes 3/4 of a yard for this width fabric.

      You may be glad you need to wait on your project as I am currently prototyping a “new sew” kit with fabric included that will save everyone time and be very affordable – so stay tuned!

  2. So the instructions will work for making a round bed as well as a rectangular one; I will simply need to configure the pods differently, is that correct?

    • Yes, I have made an 8 foot round Twist Mattress Kit for a client who bought a floating bed, you can see the kit going together here If you want another size, we could figure something out. The new kit will also have round possibilities and will be softer, less firm than the Twist, details on the new kit coming soon!

    • Yes, most of the kits I have now at my store are no sew kits. There is the Twist Easy, and the Original design (flower pattern) in the Woven fabric which are all no sew kits! Also come and look at the Reviews that are coming in and the Press we have been getting!

  3. Hello, will this template help me make a bed without a kit? I live in the UK so cannot purchase any physical things from you unfortunately!

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